AEM Forms/Adobe Sign

Experience Manager Forms provides an easy-to-use solution to create, manage, publish, and update complex web forms while integrating with back-end processes, business rules, and data.

How simple forms may look, there is more than meets the eye. Forms are often the entry point for complex customer journeys and business processes. Although they clearly have the intrinsic power to help you transform your online services, they often do not live up to their full potential. In many cases the culprit for this is a lack of data strategy. Therefore IT has to be involved to implement purpose-built forms and that approach does not scale well.

Strong IT dependence

IT dependency

Although dynamic forms are essential for gathering information online in an efficient way, it is often a struggle to get them online quickly. Obvious reason behind is that forms often require an in-depth analysis from domain experts to hand-over to IT to implement purpose-built forms.

This is time-consuming and often leads to resorting to other strategies for information gathering due to time constraints. Inevitably leading to bespoke information flows that can lead to poor data quality, structureless data and even worse data-loss.

Lack of data strategy

Lack of data strategy

Having a standardized approach for gathering information online helps tremendously in normalizing data flows within the organisation and imposes data quality by design. However, many organisations do not have a clear strategy in place on information gathering and end up having multiple approaches for collecting information. This makes it hard to get a grip on aspects like data privacy, security and quality.


Poor UX

Nothing is as frustrating as having to fill out the same information over and over again. Given that forms are often purpose-built by IT, integrating them with other IT infrastructure is costly. Consequently they are not integrated at all, resulting into a poor user experience.


Experience Manager Forms (AEM Forms) allows you to build end-to-end digital enrollment and onboarding journeys that deliver a personal touch to your customers. Via a library of flexible form components and the concept of reusable form fragments, AEM Forms enables your business stakeholders to implement, test and publish dynamic web forms without IT support. This is an incredible leap forward compared to purpose-built form implementations and allows IT to focus on important aspects like data privacy, the integration of data sources for prefill and identity management. (Het lijkt alsof degene die de forms moet maken dan niet belangrijk is. )

AEM Forms also allows for the rendering of PDF documents on the fly in response to submitted data to offer documents of record to your customers in real time. Additionally when combined with Adobe Sign, you can further extend the PDF capabilities of AEM Forms with digital signatures to offer electronically signed document flows.

Experience Manager Forms USPs

  • Features an intuitive and ergonomic Wysiwyg editor.
  • Offers content flexibility via a focused library of components.
  • Supports complex business rules via its advanced rule editor
  • Delivers adaptive webforms that are mobile ready
  • Allows for secure information flows that respect GDPR and privacy
  • Integrates well with external data-sources and supports prefilling out of the box
  • Renders on demand PDFs to act as Document of records

Adobe Sign

  • Provides a reliable and secure way to digitally sign PDFs
  • Out of the box integration with Experience Manager Forms
  • Saas solution managed by Adobe
  • Certified ISO 27001
What we bring to the table

What we bring to the table

As a lifelong Adobe Partner we have built extensive in-depth knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager which allows us to support your organisation throughout the entire process of adopting AEM Forms within your organisation. We provide strategical, tactical and operational support from start to finish and employ our best practices to help you accelerate the implementation of AEM Forms.

Based on our best practices we provide all the IT and organisational smarts required to provide you with an AEM ecosystem that allows us to focus our joint efforts on the business goals your organisation pursues.

We are strong believers in the concept of co-creation and are convinced that this is a crucial factor in acquiring a deeper understanding of the digital challenges your organisation faces. By being on-site shoulder to shoulder with local professionals we can partner up with your domain experts and technical staff to deliver succesful solutions that really address the business needs and objectives.

We can help with

  • Experience Manager Forms enablement
  • Integration
  • Digital sign
  • System upgrades
  • Change management
  • Training & education
  • Data privacy