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Who are we?

IDA is the Adobe Partner of the Cronos Group and helps its clients to deliver engaging customer experiences through the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. As an Adobe Gold Partner, we are a full-service agency that supports enterprises to roll out Adobe Experience Cloud. Starting with content by gathering data, we create insights that are put to work to connect with the end customer via multiple channels in a personalized way to facilitate intimate and meaningful conversations. We are currently looking for a Marketing Automation Consultant.

More than ever, companies want to connect to their customers. They are engaging themselves to build a bridge between the online and offline customer experience. This way, they can refine their communication strategies to make sure they are at the right place, at the right time and through the right channel. This is where we as Marketing Automation Consultants excel.

As an Adobe partner, we try to solve our customers’ questions and use cases through the Adobe Experience Cloud stack. For marketing automation specifically, we work with Adobe Campaign (Classic and Standard) and Adobe Journey Optimizer. With these tools, we bring customer journeys to life.

Your role

The role of a Marketing Automation Consultant can take many forms. Our job description isn’t limited to only implementing the solution with the tools mentioned above.

We are often involved in the analysis phase or even the idea phase of a project. That is where we can add value by sharing our technical and strategic expertise to create the right architecture or journey for our customers.

Implementing the solution into Adobe Campaign is also not limited to a single topic. This can go from creating workflows to importing and exporting data or handling the database structures. We also support our customers in building the customer journey in the tool by selecting the right target or helping them build an email template in HTML and CSS.

After the implementation phase, our job isn’t done. We make sure that the solution that was provided is adopted by our customers so they can manage their marketing automation independently in the future. Aside from that, we are often involved in further monitoring the environment, keeping track of performance, doing upgrades, ….

Who are we looking for?

  • You are a frontend developer with a nose for marketing or you are a marketeer with a strong technical foundation.
  • You would describe yourself as eager to learn. You are capable to explore new topics and apply them to your project. You are willing to learn from your colleagues because we are always here to help you find a solution.
  • You have good communication skills and speak fluent Dutch and English. You are not shy to ask questions so you can get on with your project.
  • You can work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’ve heard from MySQL and XML that’s a plus.
  • Bonus points if you already have experience with Adobe Campaign or another marketing automation tool.
  • You are capable of logical thinking. You can understand a data structure and come up with the right filtering criteria to create a segmentation. You can determine what steps to take to translate a customer journey into a workflow.

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