“A great company offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.”

― Philip Kotler

Corporate social responsibility

Aside from the iDA values that we incorporate into our daily practices, we also firmly believe in a wider, social responsibility as a corporation.

Reyn Van De Craats

Run for "KiKa" in Berlin 2018

Our colleague Reyn Van de Craats ran his first marathon for KiKA in 2018. And did not expect to put down such an excellent time. His training had really paid off and this felt fantastic. He ran especially for KiKa, because Reyn himself had leukemia as a 3, 6 and 18 year old, which makes the organization very close to his heart.

Run for "Mediclowns" in New York 2019

A few years ago, Reyn had run the New York marathon for the Mediclowns. Many times they managed to put a smile on Reyn's face, when he was little. While this was often very difficult to achieve. Their work is just as important as medication. That is why he wanted to give something back and raised money for this wonderful charity. In return for all your donations, he covered the 42.2 km marathon distance in New York on November 3th, 2019!


Cronos Meraki Academy

Cronos Meraki Academy is an organisation that gives refugees the chance to become developers in only 8 months time. Our high potential students will be taught the same topics as they would in a three-year bachelor's degree.

Bassam dreamed about being a programmer his whole life, but didn't get the chance in his homeland Iraq. Instead he graduated in a bachelor and master in computer science. When he moved to Belgium, he found the Meraki Academy via VDAB.

Being a Frontend-developer is my future!

I started at Meraki in September 2017. It was a new and exciting challenge. In the beginning I learned HTML/CSS and I loved it!
A few months later, I was hooked and sat behind my computer in the bus, on the train and at home, learning javascript every day. I loved coding and started a project on my own: making a website, much like the VTM news.

Later on, I learned React and was ready for the next chapter in my life: working in Belgium. After Meraki, I got a big opportunity at iDA Mediafoundry and I love working here a lot. It's a lovely big team with very experienced people as colleagues.

This is where I met Tom. Tom is a web architect and full-stack developer at iDA Mediafoundry. He guides me in my work journey and to me, he’s one of the best developers that i have ever met. I am so proud of myself, for working so hard for this chance of being a frontend-developer!

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