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Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen (OZ)

OZ is open for business, all day, every day.



In the past OZ relied on a labor-intensive offline process that was paper-driven. As a result aspiring members had to:

  1. download the enrollment forms, 
  2. print and fill them in
  3. sign the paper
  4. send them back to OZ by post
  5. and wait for a confirmation letter.

This resulted into a considerate amount of lead time to join OZ and often led to poor data quality. That's why OZ decided to completely reimagine its enrollment process and bring down lead time below the time required to boil an egg. 


As part of the digitization of OZ's front office, iDA implemented a digital enrollment process based on adaptive forms delivered by Adobe Experience Manager. 

These adaptive forms simplify and shorten the subscription process, drastically saving time not only for new members, but for the OZ team as well. By combining AEM Forms with Adobe Sign, Doccle and Itsme we succeeded in realizing an end to end integrated flow that sets a new standard for digital onboarding.

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Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions

> Adobe Experience Manager

> AEM Forms

> Adobe Sign

> Doccle

> Itsme

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Today, new members can settle their enrollment with OZ completely online within eight minutes, about the time required to boil an egg. Since the availability of the service, the number of digital subscriptions has risen by about eighty percent which offers a substantial ROI.

Additionally OZ is empowered to create forms without the help of IT. Since the delivery of the baseline project OZ single-handedly put live more than 10 additional forms, totaling 13 forms live in production at the time of writing.. On average they spent only 3 days per form, which drastically reduced the lead time for forms to go live.

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